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At the Front lines Defending Against Cyber Threats

Data breaches are now a common global occurrence, causing real economic damage to businesses. Lost revenue, damaged reputations, disrupted operations, and significant costs to recover, cyber attackers are adapting their techniques at a much faster pace than most businesses. These once less sophisticated cybercriminals now have easier access to automated exploits that were previously only available to highly skilled nation-state actors.

Unfortunately protecting an organization against a cyber threat becomes impossible if you don’t know that the threat exists. So how do you protect your organizations against known and unknown threats? Security is constantly changing. To stay ahead of cyber threats, you need to leverage software plus services to augment your security team and capabilities.



A vulnerability assessment will identify, document and assess weaknesses in your information systems and allow you to take pro-active measures to plug the holes before they are used to breach your defences.



We are providing guidance and our expertise to help you make informed decisions about addressing gaps and managing your risk.



With a solid understanding of your systems architecture and implementation, we show you how to address threats with appropriate countermeasures starting with the threats that present the greatest risk.

What we do

Cyber Security Auditor

Implementation of the measures of Law 362/2018 (European NIS Directive) in public and private companies in Romania in order to protect critical and digital infrastructures.

Auditing :
– Cyber Security Governance;
– Cyber Security Protection;
– Cyber Security Defense;
Cyber Security Resilience.
Cyber risk Monitoring

Advanced Defense Arsenal

IT governance
Penetration Testing
cyber threat hunting
Risk management
Cloud Computing
Digital Security
Vulnerability assessement
incident response
disaster recovery
business continuity
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